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21.03.2018 / פורסם בפעילות בקהילה

Professor Chaim Lotan

Professor Lotan, Director of The Hadassah Heart Institute, was elected “International Friend” of the
Chinese Society of Cardiology. Professor Lotan is the first Israeli ever awarded this honor.
The Chinese Society of Cardiology (CSC,) an affiliate of the European Society of Cardiology, was founded in
Taiyuan 40 years ago. The CSC has become the most recognized cardiovascular association in China with
branches in provinces throughout the country. The CSC strives to advance scientific and medical issues in
cardiovascular medicine in China, and seeks to advance medical and scientific technologies. CSC members
lead numerous research projects which have attracted much international attention, notably in the areas of
hypertension and acute myocardial infarction.
Prof. Chaim Lotan, Director of The Heart Institute at The Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, was elected
by the Board of The Chinese Society of Cardiology to their panel of “International Exchanges and Friends in
The Field of Cardiology”, together with 11 of the leading cardiologists in the world. The appointment was
offered in recognition of significant contributions to the development of cardiovascular medicine in China,
and in particular for advancing cooperation between Israeli forums and start-up ventures and Chinese
biomedical and venture capital companies and medical conference organizers. This honor was signed by The
President of The Chinese Society of Cardiology, Prof. Junbo GE.
“Israeli medicine is held in great esteem in China, and I am proud to have been chosen as part of such an
august group of international cardiologists of “International Friends” of The CSC,” said Prof. Lotan.
Professor Lotan is on his way to Suzhou, China, where a magnificent new Heart Center has recently been
opened – and he is looking forward to seeing his portrait hanging there together with those of the other
honored members of the International Friends.
Congratulations to Prof. Lotan on this highly significant honor.

Lotan photo from China

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